Human Connection


Human Connection

I felt the power

the depth of your beauty

stunning in every

bittersweet moment

you have been an addiction


my burning obsession

sweet human connections




softly feeling the story in your crinkles

and your eyes pulling me closer

in, I take time to study your wrinkles

as you pull my body entirely over

the racing beat of your heart

we lay soaked in sublime and white

still lost deep, far from the start

lets love forever here in tonight





Be Real


another boring day zombies taking over
hungry for more, more, more DEATH
another boring day vanity sucking life dry
superficial days the ways no one speaks
not anymore are words used to create,
they search for acceptance and popularity
vanity striking, everywhere I go I see BULLSHIT
drowning in endless conversations about nothing
not one ounce of depth, I space out and imagine
what if I explode on these bitches, go psycho HAHA
like an addict in withdrawal I ache for a connection
I am desperate can you help me, can you?



Forgive me for I have sinned

I am human

Forgive me for the lies I have spoken

I am human

Forgive me for succumbing to temptation

I am human

I am human

So I ask for forgiveness not for being

but for straying

I am human

We are human

We may lose our way

and we will fall

I am human

We are human

We can be forgiven.