softly feeling the story in your crinkles

and your eyes pulling me closer

in, I take time to study your wrinkles

as you pull my body entirely over

the racing beat of your heart

we lay soaked in sublime and white

still lost deep, far from the start

lets love forever here in tonight









tightly hold my hand

and gently lead the way

give me guidance


share with me

your thoughts

fears and dreams

 share with me your





Forgive me for I have sinned

I am human

Forgive me for the lies I have spoken

I am human

Forgive me for succumbing to temptation

I am human

I am human

So I ask for forgiveness not for being

but for straying

I am human

We are human

We may lose our way

and we will fall

I am human

We are human

We can be forgiven.



your head in my lap I sat rocking
back and forth I swayed, just like
the time before
I held back the fear as I naively
tried saving you from
yourself, I would sit with you
wiping your forehead with a wet cloth
I waited with you patiently
Until I had no choice other than to give up
your stare so far away as you said
“marry me”,
I told you I would once you got sober
your last lie with a smile out came
“marry me first, be my reason for getting
your head on my lap I crouched
hovering your lifeless body for days
and when someone finally came I insisted
i would wait

Naked Collab


Naked Collab

Join me in this Naked Collab Movement! Be completely you, faults and all. Explore the world around you. Learn and re-learn who you are truly and deep inside your soul. What’s important to you? Are you happy? Are you satisfied with existing or will you grow and begin to live? Shine with love, give love, and live through the power of love.