Forgive me for I have sinned

I am human

Forgive me for the lies I have spoken

I am human

Forgive me for succumbing to temptation

I am human

I am human

So I ask for forgiveness not for being

but for straying

I am human

We are human

We may lose our way

and we will fall

I am human

We are human

We can be forgiven.


Smile :)


Smile :)

I have always been drawn to strangers, I know it sounds weird. I try and smile to each passing stranger but of course I am human, imperfect. Love is a powerful force. Those in my life already have my love and so to the strangers I smile in hopes of new love.

The New Age


“The New Age”

so much has been defined
constrained left with little room
for growth we become hollow
jailed in false correctness
obsessed with perfection
we lose character, our identity
trying to live up to an illusion
so much has been defined
humanity dying making space
for the robots invading.



the girl
strange girl
in the mirror
staring back at me with her cold,cold eyes
the girl
out to break me
who am i if not me, i am
who i am
burning between secrets
losing myself trying to survive
lie to me please
i can’t take the truth
lie to me some more
it feels better than the truth
don’t you dare love me
hold me impurely, love
pure cruelity evil in disguise
beat me
beat me down
i want to survive the beating
so you see
i’m not weak i’m fearless
oh please believe me
i am not weak
i am fearless
universe full with people
it kills
it will destroy
so be strong
don’t get stuck
i’m stuck i need out
i bang my head against the wall
i bleed and bleed
until I fall
don’t be afraid
no please dont go
survival mode
don’t let your gaurd down
it’s a trap
cant let you in
i won’t trust you now
but who am I
walk away run far far away
the girl in the mirror
where is she going
why must she leave
shes poison
poisoned, alone, and broken
so just smile
dont cry
just smile and nod
its just a dream
dont worry
it will all be over soon
wake up
oh no its real
this world its still here
what now
look what you did
i think of the pain
every morning when i wake
i breathe the pain
in every breath i take
tick tock tick tock
time changes nothing
and somehow changes everything
you sad sad girl
when will you understand
how do i save the world
its so wrong
i have to save the world
come back to me
little girl
where is your sweet innocence
where did you go
why did you go
i need your pureness
i need you child
please come back
gulp, gulp, gulp
I cant keep my eyes open
am i ok
help me
i think i have finally reached insanity
can i be saved
Dear God
there is no way you could have created me sober
my dear sweet god
you must take me away
take me back
try one more time



your head in my lap I sat rocking
back and forth I swayed, just like
the time before
I held back the fear as I naively
tried saving you from
yourself, I would sit with you
wiping your forehead with a wet cloth
I waited with you patiently
Until I had no choice other than to give up
your stare so far away as you said
“marry me”,
I told you I would once you got sober
your last lie with a smile out came
“marry me first, be my reason for getting
your head on my lap I crouched
hovering your lifeless body for days
and when someone finally came I insisted
i would wait



you may not make title for me justified by your ignorance
first you must learn my lines and still your judgements have no place
opinion should only come after you rehearse the tracks in my life
step foot on my ground before you recite my true being
for my face can not be of pure truth.

forgive my faults and see beyond the mistakes
take notes of my goods as they do exist
instill hope in my being for i am human
one track missed now you have misunderstood
oblivious and blinded by unaccounted space.

one single choice can be made by billions
two billion reasons to cause persuasion
you know what may not be known
but you know not what i know
for one moment unknown can be the cause.

give chance for me not to prove but to be
consider a different angle, tilt over a bit
maybe now you will have view to what you could not see
your judgements suddenly untrue
free to study the curves in me.

An Open Letter To The Lost.


Beautiful, sad, uplifting…..I felt a lot reading this. So many lost souls walking beside us and I can only hope that through writers like you and so many others , with love and acceptance maybe souls will be saved.

You've Been Hooked!

This is for everyone out there who is currently hearing the whispers of desperation, the call of the void reaching out to them, even in the places we hide.

My name is Robert and I have something to say. I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, a place of great natural beauty surrounded by the trappings of humanity. (Yes, parts of Niagara are ridiculously tacky, but on the plus side, Rob Ford isn’t our mayor and we’re not bankrupt like Detroit.) Every day we welcome strangers to our home; everyone is greeted with a smile and the hand of friendship. We never turn anyone away and regardless of how these strangers feel when they leave, one thing is certain: No one is unaffected by the unimaginable power of the Falls themselves.

The rushing waters are a symbol of purity and power and as they fall to the earth below they…

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