you may not make title for me justified by your ignorance
first you must learn my lines and still your judgements have no place
opinion should only come after you rehearse the tracks in my life
step foot on my ground before you recite my true being
for my face can not be of pure truth.

forgive my faults and see beyond the mistakes
take notes of my goods as they do exist
instill hope in my being for i am human
one track missed now you have misunderstood
oblivious and blinded by unaccounted space.

one single choice can be made by billions
two billion reasons to cause persuasion
you know what may not be known
but you know not what i know
for one moment unknown can be the cause.

give chance for me not to prove but to be
consider a different angle, tilt over a bit
maybe now you will have view to what you could not see
your judgements suddenly untrue
free to study the curves in me.


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